Natural soy wax candle hand-poured in small batches in our Wye Valley studio with a deliciously subtle and delicate scent throw.  


Hand infused with pure clove bud and ginger essential oils, carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits to calm and evoke a sense of security, sensuality and warmth.  


Beautifully presented in an elegant glass jar with a polished silver lid.  



Wye Wicks - Winter Candle

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1 Gram
  • Our candles do not contain any paraffin, synthetic fragrances or additives and are vegan and environmentally friendly.   As we use natural soy wax you may notice some frosting on the surface of your candle, which is normal.

    How to Burn
    On first use, burn for 3-4 hours to create a wax pool that reaches the edge of the container. To get the best out of your candle, trim the wick to 0.5cm before lighting and allow it to burn for a couple of hours at least.  

    Burn Time
    75g - 12 Hours | 160g - 30 Hours | 215g - 45 Hours