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Wye Wicks




Essential oils have been used for centuries for their wellness benefits and our expertly blended aromatherapy room mists are the easiest way to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine and enhance your space.  As an aromatherapist, Cheryl has spent years perfecting our blends so our products not only smell amazing but offer an important well-being boost.   

Handcrafted by us in our Wye Valley studio, just like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, ​our handcrafted aromatherapy room mists are infused with a carefully chosen blend of mood-boosting essential oils to enhance your space.  Simply spritz then relax and allow the essential oils to work their magic.

We don't use any additives, colourings, preservatives, scent enhancers or synthetic fragrance oils - this means you can be confident that the only ingredients you'll see on our labels naturally occur in the essential oils used.   This is important to us as our journey began after our candle-loving daughter had a severe allergic reaction to chemicals commonly found in some mass-produced candles.   


Beautifully presented in a 100ml bottle, our mood-boosting room mists are perfect for on the go, to treat yourself for a moment of self-care or as a gift for family or friends.  


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