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Wye Wicks


Welcome to Wye Wicks!

Wye Wicks was born out of a love of aromatherapy, a passion for natural candles and home fragrances, and a desire to live a more balanced and sustainable way of life.   Based in the beautiful north Wye Valley and surrounded by woodland, meadows, and orchards, the inspiration for our products is all around us.  

A scent can transport you instantly to a moment in time or create a memory that will last a lifetime.  At Wye Wicks we infuse sustainably sourced natural soy wax with pure essential oils, carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits, to create deliciously subtle candles that speak to the soul. 

Hand-poured in small batches in our Wye Valley base, we use only plant-based waxes and essential oils so our candles are vegan-friendly.  We don't use any synthetic fragrances or additives and best of all, we offer a refill service so we're environmentally friendly too! 

We've used our tried and tested aromatherapy blends to create beautiful gifts for friends and family for many years and now, with the encouragement of the same friends and family, we hope you will enjoy our products too. 

Simon & Cheryl xx

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