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Hanging Glass Flask Candles

Wye Wicks


Scent can trigger emotions and memories that last a lifetime and can transport you back to a moment in time in an instant.  A beautifully scented room adds a layer of magic that gives the whole event a unique and memorable ambience.  

At Wye Wicks we not only create candles that smell amazing but our unique essential oil blends support wellbeing too.  If you are getting married and would like to complete your day with a beautifully scented backdrop, then we can offer a bespoke wedding service to make your event smell amazing.    

Wedding Favours

Full of essential oils, our gorgeous tealights and votive candles are the perfect wedding favour and allow your guests to relive your special day each time they light their candle.  Our tealights and votive candles are available in all scents or if you would like to create an exclusive bespoke scent for your special day we will work with you to create the perfect blend.  

Wedding Candles, Reed Diffusers and Room Mists

Creating the perfect ambience to your special day can be daunting.  Each scented candle is available in three different sizes that are complimented by matching room mists and reed diffusers 

Bridal Party Gifts 

Receiving a beautiful candle with a personalised label or handwritten note is a great way to ask your friends and family to be part of your special day.   

Hen Parties 

Our popular candle making workshops are a great way to bring your friends and family together in a fun and creative way.  Together you can choose and blend scents to create your own candles or even make your wedding favours.   Alternatively we can provide everything you need for an amazing hen party experience in a kit.  

Tealight Hire

Tealights add a certain magic to any venue or table setting.  We have a range of beautiful tealight holders available to hire.  For further information, get in touch. 


If you are interested in scenting your wedding, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your plans.  Each wedding is unique and we will work with you to create a bespoke package to bring the sense of scent to your special day.  

Top Tips

Flowers are often the focal point of a table so we recommend choosing your wedding flowers first.  If you have chosen highly scented flowers, we generally recommend choosing unscented candles for your centrepiece but if you have chosen flowers with a gentle scent, scented tealights on the table will add to the ambience.   

We believe subtlety is the key to creating a beautifully scented backdrop.  A few scented candles around the edge of a room will fragrance without being overpowering. 

Try to avoid lots of different scents.  A few scents that compliment your floral arrangements will help to layer the scent and bring a touch of opulence to your day.  


Always check your venue allows open flames.  If they don't, don't worry you can scent your event with our gorgeous reed diffusers and room mists.  

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