My interest in Aromatherapy took hold over 35 years ago.  I've always been drawn to scent and natural therapies and in my late teens I began to create my own blends for family and friends - I even raided my parents garden to have a go at distilling my own oils.   The process of distilling oils and therapeutic benefits fascinated me so I enrolled on a course and began a journey of discovery that over the years has become a passion.  Although I don't practice clinically, my thirst for knowledge continued and over years I have acquired a vast knowledge of essentials oils, the history of oils and their use through time, the chemistry behind these natural pocket rockets, the processes used to extract the oils and blend synergy. 


Over the last few years the interest in natural therapies has taken off and we have seen an explosion of essential oil producers.  It's important to note that many of these brands market their oils as therapeutic grade and I often see products proclaiming the use of therapeutic or pure oils.  There is no such thing as therapeutic grade oils, this is a clever marketing concept used by some brands. There's also no such thing as a pure oil.  An essential oil by definition is pure, otherwise its a blend.  I've worked with my suppliers for many years and take great care to source oils ethically.  Sustainability and provenance is important to me and while there are cheaper oils available, our ethos is important to us.  

I have been introducing friends and family to the wonderful world of aromatherapy for many years and having a love of candles and home fragrances it was a natural progression to use my knowledge of aromatherapy oils to create beautiful natural soy candles, melts and room mists which not only smell incredible but sing to the soul.

Our oils are carefully chosen not only for their scent but for their therapeutic benefits.  The oils are highly and well within permitted limits but some people and pets may be sensitive.  If in doubt do seek appropriate advice.  

As an aromatherapist I have a vast selection of oils but I couldn't resist including some of my absolute favourites.   We'll soon be adding further information on the oils we use so watch this space! 

Cheryl x   

Wye Wicks