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Our beautiful sample box is perfect for those exploring our well-being range.  We have filled our box with twelve of our best-selling mood-boosting wax melts to ensure a melt for everyone to enjoy!



Lie back, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and allow the gentle herbal oils in the Calm Wax Melt to relax your mind, body, and soul.   With bergamot, petitgrain, and rosemary essential oils, each carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits, this calming and soothing blend will reduce stress levels, and evoke a sense of calm and balance.



Our Christmas Wax Melts are nostalgic nod to Christmas past.  Sustainably sourced soy wax is hand-infused with cinnamon bark, clove bud, and sweet orange essential oils to create a deliciously warming festive bouquet that is full of festive cheer and spice. One of our favourite essential oils, sweet orange is packed full of positivity and joy and when combined with the warming, bacteria-fighting properties of cinnamon bark and the immune-boosting qualities of clove bud, this blend will help to keep you well and happy this festive season.



Nothing says cosy like the smell of gingerbread baking and this is our take on that festive classic.    The most comforting seasonal scents are hand blended to create the Comfort Wax Melts which are perfect to fill a room with the aroma of seasonal bakes.  Combining cinnamon bark, clove leaf, ginger, and nutmeg essential oils to create a blend, our Comfort Candle will warm and energise you through the winter months, while the antibacterial qualities of cinnamon, clove, and ginger will help protect you and your home.  



After a busy day snuggle up in a blanket and sit back to enjoy your favourite movie as the scent of gently spiced oranges fills the room.   Feeling warm and cosy is officially good for us - it reduces stress, boosts our mood, and helps us to remain content and rested.  This gorgeously warming blend of cinnamon bark and sweet orange essential oils has been carefully chosen to nurture a sense of joyful warmth that will allow you to wind down and get cosy at the end of a long day.  



You can't beat a warm glass of mulled cider and that's the inspiration behind our Joy Candle.  Being surrounded by cider Orchards it would be hard not to love this festive tipple and this is our take on a Herefordian classic.   A gently spiced blend of bergamot, cinnamon bark, grapefruit, bitter orange, and star anise that contains a trio of uplifting fruity notes known for their joyful, mood-boosting, and stress-relieving properties to take care of the mind and soul while seasonal spices protect the body by guarding against harmful bacteria.  These wax melts not only smell amazing but will help keep you well over the winter months.  



This candle is full of sunshine to kick your day.  Inside the Morning Wax Melts is a blend of essential oils proven to have mood-boosing, uplifting effects that can bring a little happiness and positivity to your day.   A blend of lavender, orange, and rosemary essential oils, carefully chosen to inspire confidence and create a sense of positivity and joy, this candle will help you set your intentions for the day.  



In today's busy world, it's important to take time out to take care of ourselves and the Relax Wax Melts can help you make the most of this time.  Combining lavender and ylang ylang essential oils, both carefully chosen for their ability to soothe, relax, and create a sense of calm, the Relax Wax Melts will help you to switch off, relax, and allow your body and soul to unwind.   With a richly floral spa-like scent, this candle is perfect for recharging after a busy day and allowing your stress to melt away.   



When you've had a busy day and your energy levels are drained, our  Restore Wax Melts can reset your senses and refocus your mind.   Whether you need to wind down after a busy week or shake off the Monday morning blues this delicious blend of mandarin and lemongrass essential oils will fill the room to envelop you in an oasis of rejuvenation and peacefulness.   



Sometimes we need to switch off and be still.  The Tranquillity Wax Melts were created to evoke a sense of meditative peace and serenity.  Made using bergamot and lavender essential oils the gentle aromas will wash over you and still the mind creating an oasis of spiritual relaxation.   Subtle but powerful this candle sings to the soul. 



Maintain a sense of calm in an otherwise hectic world with the Soothe Wax Melts, created from lavender & lemongrass essential oils carefully chosen to create a peaceful haven to still your mind.   Perfect for a relaxing bath or to create a mindful moment, the combination of lavender and lemongrass will soothe your soul. 



Whatever the British weather throws at us, let the sunshine in with our beautiful Summer Wax Melts.  A delicate blend of bergamot, orange, and ylang ylang essential oils set the scene perfectly for a summery mood with this fresh floral scent and receive a host of natural benefits in the process.  Combining carefully chosen oils to create a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and positivity our Summer Wax Melts will bring the sunshine even on the greyest day. 



In today's busy world self-care is so important and the Wellbeing Wax Melts have been created to evoke a sense of balance, contentment, and well-being.   Purifying Lavender essential oils blend beautifully with purifying Eucalyptus and healing Rosemary to create a scent that is refreshing, comforting, and uplifting.  A customer favourite, the essential oils used also have antimicrobial and bug-busting properties which will help protect you and your home.  


The oils are hand-blended in our studio before being added to sustainably sourced soy wax and infused, then hand-poured in small batches to ensure quality.   Beautifully presented in a kraft presentation box, each melt will release its fragrance for 4-6 hours.  

Wax Melts - Sample Box (12)

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  • Our wax melts are made from sustainably sourced soy wax from Europe. It does not contain any palm oils and does not contribute to deforestation.

    We only use essential oils and don't use any synthetic fragrances. We also don't use any additives in our products so no colourings, preservatives, stabilisers, or scent enhancers - this means all of the ingredients you will see on our labels naturally occur in the essential oils used.

    As we use natural Soy wax you may see some frosting, this is normal for soy wax and does not affect the scent or burn.


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