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Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

In 1537 King Henry VIII decreed by Royal Charter that all of England would celebrate Saint Valentine's Day on February 14th and most of the world now celebrates the day by exchanging cards and tokens of affection.

If you want to give a Valentine’s gift which comes straight from the heart, create something handmade. Despite what you may be thinking it doesn’t take a great deal of time or talent to make some thoughtful gifts. Here are three ideas for handmade Valentine’s Day gifts you can give to your loved one.

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Here are our top handmade Valentine's Day gift ideas

Make a scrapbook

A scrapbook of your relationship together is one of the most obvious handmade gifts you can give to your partner on Valentine’s Day. It’s also one of the easiest you can make and one which is most likely to be greatly appreciated by your partner. To make a great scrapbook start out by selecting the pictures you want to use in the scrapbook. You can select photos of each of you individually, the two of you together, places the two of you have visited together or even things on your wishlist. You can choose to accessorise the scrapbook with stickers, ribbons or other graphics. Finally, assembling the scrapbook is as easy as glueing the pictures and accessories to the page and putting everything together in an order which makes sense.

Make a candle

Handmade candles are another great gift you can give your partner for Valentine’s Day. Scents are a great way to bring back memories, so making a candle in a fragrance that has meaning to your loved one will be appreciated. Why not come along to one of our candle-making workshops and learn how to make a gorgeous aromatherapy candle? We'll guide you through the process step by step and help you to create the perfect gift that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Get baking

One final idea for a homemade Valentine’s Day gift is to get in the kitchen and bake. For a love theme you can’t go wrong with chocolate cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies or white chocolate and raspberry brownies but whatever you choose will be a delicious gift that will go down a treat. If you’re not a confident baker, head to the supermarket and get a ready-made mix - you’ll only need to add eggs/milk and the result will be amazing and appreciated.

Creating something homemade for your Valentine will show you really care.

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