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How to Celebrate Galentine's Day

Galentines Day we hear you say? Is that a typo? Not at all, Galentines Day is the friendship version of V-Day. A full day dedicated to celebrating your besties. And best of all, you can celebrate it any way you please and it doesn't have to cost a penny. Host a brunch, a games night, throw a party, exchange gifts, book a spa day or just simply spend time together. However you like to spoil your friends, this is the day to do it.

Friends volunteering together

Galentine’s Day, celebrated on the 13th February, isn’t a day that was founded out of commercialism but a TV show! Fictional character, Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation, gets her girlfriends together every 13th February for brunch “ladies celebrating ladies”. And as they say, the rest is history.

So why not gather your besties and celebrate your friendship with these fun ideas. Take your lead from Leslie and her gal pals and head out for brunch. There is nothing better than gossiping over eggs benedict or with a mimosa.

Tip #1 - A Spa Day

A spa day is perfect bonding time for you and your girls and you get to recharge your batteries too. Indulge in treatments, enjoy the saunas, steam rooms and swimming pool whilst catching up on all the gossip.

Tip #2 - Learn Something New

Why not take a class and class and learn something new. From cocktail making to dancing, pottery and floristry or our own candle-making workshop - see what local classes are available and do something you’ve never tried before. This is a fun way to spend some quality time with your besties and create some memories all whilst learning a skill.

Tip #3 - Try Volunteering

Try volunteering to serve dinner in a homeless shelter that night. Days of celebration can be difficult times at shelters because there may be fewer volunteers than usual. While there are some who make an effort to volunteer on days such as Christmas, many people tend to overlook volunteer opportunities on Valentine’s Day because they are focused on enjoying a special evening with their loved one. You and your friends can spend the evening dishing out dinner to those in need. You will likely leave feeling as though you have made a difference in the lives of others which is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Tip #4 - Throw a Grown-Up Slumber Party

Throw a grown-up slumber party by gathering your girls and hire a house or cottage for the weekend. Wear pyjamas all weekend, have waffles for brunch, watch romcoms, make cocktails, have pamper sessions and really bond, relax and enjoy the company of your besties

Tip #5 - Head for the Hills

Grab a map and throw on some walking boots. There's nothing better than fresh air and adventure. Take a flask, explore, find new places, get lost, laugh, make memories. The world is your oyster!

So Gather Your Besties and Let's Celebrate Galentine's Day

However you choose to celebrate the friends in your life, do something together. 

And if you fancy gathering your girls and trying your hand at one of our workshops click the link below to find out more.

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